Irrigation Basics

Hunter 12″ PGP-Ultra Rotor

The Hunter PGP-12CV Ultra is a 12-inch rotor with upgraded features. We’re going to discuss a few of the amazing features of this fine rotor

Changing A SRM-04 Series Nozzle

This is a video about the SRM-04, Hunter’s shortest-range rotor, designed to be an alternative to spray heads. We’re going to discuss a few of

Changing An I25-SS Series Nozzle

The I-25 is a commercial-grade rotor from Hunter. We’re going to discuss a few of the features of this rotor. We’ll also change out a

Choosing a Spray Head

This video will help you understand the difference between the types of sprinkler spray heads and when, where, and how they are most often used.

The Rain Bird 5004-PLPCS-R Rotor

Dwayne Smith your Sprinkler Warehouse Pro in this video talks about the very feature-rich Rain Bird 5004-PLPCS-R rotor and shows you how to change out

The Rain Bird 5004-PC Rotor

The Rain Bird 5004 PC Rotor is a good solid basic rotor. It’s one of our most popular rotors and it’s a workhorse. We’re going

The Rain Bird 3504-PC Rotor

This video is about the Rain Bird 3504 PC Rotor. The 3504 series are short to mid-range rotors. We’re going to discuss a few of