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How To Change A Toro Sprinkler Nozzle

In this video, we’re covering the Toro T5 rotor with Rapid Set Arc Adjustment. We’ll go over a few of the features and show you how to change out a nozzle and make some adjustments. I’m Dwayne Smith your Sprinkler Warehouse Product Specialist. Let’s get started.

Features Of The Toro T5PCK Series

This is the Toro T5 Rapid Set Rotor with a check valve. They call this a Rapid Set Rotor because you can adjust the pattern quickly and without tools. I’ll show you how to do that in a minute. As I mentioned this rotor has a check valve. When a zone of your irrigation system has a slope, often when the sprinklers shut off, the water in the pipes empties out of the lowest heads. This wastes water and causes pooling and erosion. Having a check valve on your head keeps that from happening.

The rotor comes with this set of nozzles. These nozzles have what Toro calls Airfoil Technology. They create a zone of low pressure just under the stream of water which makes for very uniform distribution and it’s gentle enough to not wash away freshly-laid grass seed.

This rotor has a pop-up height of 5 inches. That’s one inch higher than your standard rotors, great for taller grasses. The inlet is three-quarter inches. The arc on this rotor can be set anywhere from 40 to 360 degrees. The T5 has a watering distance of 25 to 50 feet depending on the nozzle installed and how the radius adjustment screw is set.

How To Change The Arc Adjustment On Your Rotor

Looking at the top of the rotor This is the pull-up slot. Use the rotor tool for that. This is the arc adjustment slot. So in addition to the tool-free adjustment, you can also change the arc by using the rotor tool in this slot. And this is the radius adjustment slot. Radius is your watering distance. You’ll also use this slot when changing out a nozzle. Let’s go see this rotor in action. We’ll begin with the Rapid set arc adjustment.

Gently turn the riser back and forth until you meet resistance so you can see the pattern. So this is currently about a 90-degree arc and the right stop, right here, is not far enough to the right. So now I’ll crank the turret to where I want the right stop. So it points along the path here. Notice the entire pattern has now moved. So Now I’ll crank the turret to where I want the left stop. Pointing along the path that way. Now I’ve got a 180-degree arc. Perfect.

Decreasing The Arc Adjustment On Your Nozzle

Now if you need to make the arc smaller. Turn the turret to the right stop Then turn the turret where you want the left stop. Now crank the turret back to the right stop. As you see now I’ve got a 90-degree angle again. Also, The pattern can also be adjusted the way most rotors out there are adjusted that is with the rotor tool in the arc adjustment slot here. A clockwise turn increases the width of your arc. and counterclockwise decreases it. Let’s change out a nozzle. With the water off.

Insert the tool in the pull-up slot. Quarter turn and pull up. Hold the riser up with your hand. And back out the radius adjustment screw. You’re getting it out of the way of the nozzle. Pry out the nozzle with the tool. There’s a little slot under the nozzle just for that purpose. Insert the new nozzle. B

ring the radius adjustment screw back down. When you let back down the riser don’t let it pinch your hand. I learned the hard way. Now with the water back on, turn the radius adjustment screw to set your radius. That is the watering distance. You want the spray from this rotor to reach the next closest rotor. That’s called head-to-head coverage. And that is the Toro T5 Rotor with Rapid Set. Buy yours today on