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How To Locate Or Find Irrigation Valves And Wires

What To Do When Valves Are Lost This article explains how to locate or find irrigation valves and...

How To Make A Simple Valve Activator Ts

How To Make A Simple Valve Activator

Easy and Effective Valve Actuator Project This article explains how to make a valve activator and also provides...

Installing Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting

What You Need To Know About Landscape Lighting This article explains how to install low-voltage outdoor lighting. Before...

How To Use A Multimeter

Maybe It’s An Electrical Problem This article discusses how to use a multimeter to determine if you have...

How To Test A Buzzing Irrigation Valve Solenoid

Valve solenoid “buzzing” is often caused by inadequate voltage reaching the solenoid. There can be a few causes...

This is a Christmas decor photo showing green pine needles and small Christmas lights with a bokeh effect.

One Plug, Two Plugs, Three Plugs, Christmas

An Introduction To Gilbert Slide Plugs & Why You Should Use Them For Christmas Lights Easy enough for...

This is a picture of a person in a green coat with a flffy hood with arms spread in front of commercial bright Christmas lights.

Are Commercial-Grade Christmas Lights Worth The Cost?

Commercial Grade Christmas Lights Will Be Brighter And Last Longer Long Answer: It comes down to paying the...

This is a video thumbnail for a video about choosing sprinkler wire showing 3 coils of direct burial wire.

Choosing The Right Wire For Sprinkler Systems

Type Of Wire To Use For An Irrigation System In the ever-increasing speed of getting everything done during...

This is a picture of LED Christmas lights on trees outside of a home.

What you need to know about LED Christmas Lights

If you are shopping for Christmas decor, then you might have seen LED Christmas string lights and wonder...

Why Christmas Light Installation Is A Great Add-On Service For Contractors

Contractors Are Cashing In On Christmas Light Installation ย  Landscape contractors are finding that offering professional Christmas light...

The image demonstrates an underground digital rendering of three valve solenoids that are wired to the main controller.

FAQ: Sprinkler Wire

The wiring in your irrigation system can make or break your landscape vision. Below you will find frequently...

A thumbnail of the sprinkler warehouse pro holding a red sprinkler wire while sitting next to a trench with irrigation pipe laid in it.

How To Run Sprinkler Wire

Running A Wire To Your Sprinkler System I’m here with Steve the owner of Sprinkler Warehouse and he’s...