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The Rain Bird 2045-PJ Maxi Bird is an impact rotor. It’s the same impact used inside the 2045 Maxi-paw pop-up rotor. We’re going to discuss a few of the features and show you how to change out a nozzle and make some adjustments. I’m Dwayne Smith Your Sprinkler Warehouse Product Specialist. Let’s get started

Using Impact Rotors To Water Sediment Or Minerals

This is the 2045-PJ Maxi-bird Impact rotor by Rain Bird. Impact rotors are fantastic for dirty water. applications due to the straight-through water flow. The inlet on this rotor is a male ½” inlet. This means you’ll need a threaded coupler or adapter to attach it to a standard shrub stick. This Maxi-Bird can be set to a 360-degree Full-circle pattern or an arc adjustable pattern from 20° to 340°.

Comes With A Variety Of Nozzles

The rotor comes with 5 standard trajectory nozzles and 2 low-angle nozzles. It has a watering distance of 22 to 45 feet depending on the nozzle installed and how the adjustment screw is set. Let’s head outside to talk about the various adjustments.

To replace the nozzle, swing the arm out of the way to reveal the nozzle. If the arm catches when you try to move it out of the way you can press down on this little lever and that will free it up. Grab the nozzle. On this tab to the left, apply forward pressure as you turn the nozzle counterclockwise, and the nozzle will slide right out.

Put the new nozzle in place with the long tab down. Then twist clockwise until the nozzle locks into place. You can now release the arm. This little metal lever in the back, which I’m going to call the trip switch, changes the impact from a full circle to a partial circle pattern. When the trip switch hits each side of the wings of the trip collar, the impact reverses direction.

Changing The Spray Pattern On The 2045-PJ

To change the pattern, also called the arc, just move the trip collars. No tools are necessary. Use the diffusion screw at the front of the nozzle to diffuse the spray and reduce the watering distance. You always want a little diffusion even if you want the rotor watering its maximum distance. The diffusion will make for more even watering.

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