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This is the 5004 Full Circle rotor by Rain Bird. It’s a solid basic rotor and it’s one of our most popular. We’re going to discuss a few of the features and show you how to change out a nozzle and make some adjustments. I’m your Sprinkler Warehouse product specialist, let’s get started.

Rain Bird 5004 Features & Benefits

This is the 5004-FC Rotor. The FC stands for a full circle. That means this rotor goes around in a full 360-degree non-reversing pattern. So this rotor is meant for the center areas in your yard. There’s also a 5004-PC model that’s adjustable. You’ll use those for the edges and corners of your yard when you need something less than a full circle. The popup height on this rotor is four inches and it has a three quarter inch inlet.

The 5004-FC comes with these enhanced rain curtain nozzles, which make for a very even spray over their entire distance. And these nozzles make larger water droplets for greater wind resistance. This means more water ends up at your plant’s roots versus getting carried away by the wind. The 5004 series rotors are known for their longevity.

Rain Bird rotors have the longest operating life cycle of any rotor on the market. This rotor has a watering distance of 25 to 50 feet depending on the nozzle installed and how the adjustment screw is set. You can use a Rain Bird tool like this one to adjust it or you can use a small flathead screwdriver. Let’s talk about the various adjustments.

Looking at the top of the rotor This is the radius adjustment slot. That’s your watering distance. This is the pull-up slot. This is the arc Adjustment Slot, which on this rotor doesn’t do anything. This rotor uses the same rubber top as the partial circle model. On the partial circle model, you’d use this slot to adjust your pattern. Let’s go look at one of these already installed.

How To Change Out The Nozzle

We’ll begin by changing out a nozzle. Insert the rain bird tool in the pull-up slot Twist And pull up. We’re using a hold-up Nozzle Install Collar to hold up the riser making it easier to work on. But if you don’t have one you can hold it up with your hand. Back out the radius adjustment screw. Use a pair of needlenose pliers to pull out the nozzle or pry out the nozzle with the rain bird tool or a small flathead screwdriver.

Insert the new nozzle. The divot that accepts the radius adjustment screw goes up. And thread back down the radius adjustment screw. Turn on the water to your system and use the radius adjustment screw to set the watering distance. You want the water from this head to reach the next head over. You’re going to love working with the Rain Bird 5004 rotors. They’ll give you year after year of solid performance. Buy yours today on