Sprinkler Parts Summary & Recommendations

How All Irrigation Components Work Together This article is a brief summary of sprinkler parts and recommendations of a sprinkler repairman. He explains his personal experiences and the sprinkler parts he prefers to work with. You can shop for the same popular brands he uses at the Sprinkler Warehouse. Click here to shop for Hunter, […]

A New Year, A New Lawn

How To Prepare Your Lawn For The New Year This article explains how to prepare your lawn for the new year. January is filled with promises, resolutions, and planning. This shouldnโ€™t just apply to your waistline, but also to your lawn. January is National Mail-Order Gardening Month, which means it is time to start ordering […]

Hydroponic Gardening

A Beginner’s Guide: Hydroponics This article explains what hydroponic gardening is and how it works. Hydroponic Gardening is beneficial for any small-based root systems such as strawberries, herbs, or small leaf lettuce. To build a hydroponic drip irrigation bucket system you will need: a 5-gallon bucket with lid, reducer, ยฝโ€ clear tubing, ยฝโ€ x ยผโ€ […]

Planning Ahead: Your Garden

Time to Achieve Dream Garden Status This article explains Planning Ahead: Your Garden. It may seem crazy to start reading about how to plan your garden for this spring. However, by February in most regions, it will be high time to start some of those seeds. Sprinkler Warehouse wants to tell you how to successfully […]

Springtime Sprinkler System Start-up Checklist

A Guide On How To Check Your Sprinkler System This article is a springtime sprinkler system start-up checklist. If you have a home sprinkler system then you know it must be maintained in order to remain dependable and functional when you need it. That means taking proper precautions in the winter to prepare the system […]

Mulching And Composting Your Autumn Leaves

What To Do With Those Autumn Leaves Leaves-Be-Gone! This article discusses mulching and composting your autumn leaves. Have you considered cutting down the beautiful maple tree in the front yard because it drops enough leaves every Fall to fill your entire house? Does it take you three weekends to gather all the leaves and take […]

Adjusting Sprinkler Run-Times Monthly

When To Adjust Sprinkler Run Times The article explains the importance of adjusting your sprinkler run times monthly. Spring is now officially here. While some of the United States is still putting up with snowstorms and harsh weather, many other parts of the country are beginning to see the lush green hues of plant life […]

Anatomy of a Sprinkler System

Anatomy of a Sprinkler System Di

The Different Parts Of A Sprinkler System This article explains the anatomy of a sprinkler system. Below is a list of different parts that make up the anatomy of a sprinkler system. Shop the item by clicking on it. Basic Parts Of An Automatic Sprinkler System. Timer or Controller Pipe or Tubing Valves Sprinkler Heads […]

How to Create A Backyard Oasis

Lighting, Outdoor Decor, And More This article discusses how to create a backyard oasis including decoration ideas and various necessities. Do you want to revamp an outdoor space that you have? There are many things that you can do to transform this space for your individual needs and desires. First off you will need to create […]

Traveling Sprinklers

Using Traveling Sprinklers To Water Efficiently This article explains traveling sprinklers. Let’s face it: There are times when an underground sprinkler system just isn’t practical. If you’re a school with a football field, baseball field, soccer field and track the cost to install a system can be prohibitive. You also lose use of the facility […]