Sprinkler Parts Summary & Recommendations

How All Irrigation Components Work Together This article is a brief summary of sprinkler parts and recommendations of a sprinkler repairman. He explains his personal experiences and the sprinkler parts he prefers to work with. You can shop for the same popular brands he uses at the Sprinkler Warehouse. Click here to shop for Hunter, […]

Anatomy of a Sprinkler System

Anatomy of a Sprinkler System Di

The Different Parts Of A Sprinkler System This article explains the anatomy of a sprinkler system. Below is a list of different parts that make up the anatomy of a sprinkler system. Shop the item by clicking on it. Basic Parts Of An Automatic Sprinkler System. Timer or Controller Pipe or Tubing Valves Sprinkler Heads […]

Watering Trees: A Getting Started Guide

Best Methods For Watering Trees This article explains the importance of watering trees and how to do so properly. Trees provide clear the air, provide homes to wildlife, offer shade for picnics, and, without trees, there would be no tree houses or tire swings. They also add value to your dwelling, increasing the visual appeal […]

Planning Ahead: Your Garden

Time to Achieve Dream Garden Status This article explains Planning Ahead: Your Garden. It may seem crazy to start reading about how to plan your garden for this spring. However, by February in most regions, it will be high time to start some of those seeds. Sprinkler Warehouse wants to tell you how to successfully […]

Save Water Without Sacrificing A Beautiful Lawn

Building Efficiency Into Your Lawn This article discusses how you can save water without sacrificing a beautiful lawn. Save thousands of gallons of water and have the best-looking lawn on your block by using these simple tricks. Every year I look forward to winter because there is no more lawn care or yard work. I […]

Winterization In Cold Vs. Moderate Climates

Winterizing Your Sprinkler System In Cold And Moderate Climates It’s winterization time! Here at Sprinkler Warehouse are trying to make sure that everyone is able to winterize their irrigation systems before the first freeze. Fortunately, here in Houston, we might go the entire winter not having to winterize, but do you really want to take […]

The Importance Of Safety Equipment

The Importance of Safety Equipment

Using Safety Equipment In Your Irrigation System The article explains the importance of safety equipment and how you can stay safe while installing your sprinkler system on a hot summer day. There are a couple of safety issues to go over today. We want to keep our customers healthy. Wear Sunscreen It is important to […]

Traveling Sprinklers

Using Traveling Sprinklers To Water Efficiently This article explains traveling sprinklers. Let’s face it: There are times when an underground sprinkler system just isn’t practical. If you’re a school with a football field, baseball field, soccer field and track the cost to install a system can be prohibitive. You also lose use of the facility […]

How We Choose Our Brands

Dive Deep Into The Brands You Know & Love This article explains how Sprinkler Warehouse chooses the brands it sells. Ever wonder why a company picks certain products to carry? Choosing the product lines for Sprinkler Warehouse involved both the obvious and the lesser-known. The major requirement of each brand was that it was reliable, […]

Let’s Talk About Why Your Water Bill Is So High

Why Your Water Bill Is High Water’s A Matter With You? This article discusses the factors that could be causing your water bill to be high. So let’s talk about money. Yours, mine, yours, and yours. I do want to go over one water fact first. It’s a surprising fact to many people, even though […]