The Homeowner’s Guide On How To Adjust Sprinkler Heads

black fixed sprinkler head spraying water over green grass

Lush green lawns and flourishing gardens don’t just happen by accidentโ€”they’re the result of careful irrigation and, often, a well-maintained sprinkler system. One aspect of irrigation maintenance that’s often overlooked by homeowners is knowing how to adjust sprinkler heads. A properly adjusted sprinkler head can be the difference between water waste and efficient, targeted watering.  […]

Sprinkler System Watering Basics

So you got a new sprinkler system. Now what? How often do you water? And for how long? Adrian Sanchez here for Sprinkler Warehouse. Letโ€™s get started. Watering According To Sprinkler Zones Just in case youโ€™re not familiar with sprinkler systems, your sprinkler system will almost surely have different zones. Nearly all sprinkler systems will allow you run various zones for […]

Adjust Your Watering Schedule by Season

How Much Water Your Grass Needs Throughout The Year This article explains why you should adjust your watering schedule by season. Most people do not realize that grass has different irrigation needs depending on the season. Click Here To Learn More About How To Conserve Water With An Irrigation System Spring: Grass and plants need […]

Calculating Flow Rate

This picture shows the Sprinkler Warehouse Pro holding up his phone with the time it took to fill a 5 gallon bucket to check the flow rate of his water source.

How To Calculate The Flow Rate Of My Hose Spigot I’m gonna take a few minutes here and talk about flow-rate with you. If you put too many sprinkler-heads or drip emitters on your irrigation system, you may have a problem – a dead plant problem. Your irrigation system must have a high enough flow […]

Anatomy Of A Sprinkler System

This is a video thumbnail that shows labeled parts for a sprinkler system.

Discover The Parts Of A Sprinkler System Today Iโ€™m talking about the basic parts of the sprinkler system. Adrian Sanchez here, for Sprinkler Warehouse.  Letโ€™s get started. An Automatic Sprinkler System Is Made Up Of Five Basic Components: A timer or controller The pipe or tubing The valves The sprinkler heads And a backflow preventer […]

Protecting Sprinkler Systems From Freezing Temperatures

Winterization Preparation So what are your sprinklers doing this winter? During the wintertime, most homeowners in our country will shut down their irrigation systems. In the Northwest, snowstorms will bury your sprinklers under a drift of windswept snow. While in Southern Texas, where we are, lizards are using the sprinkler heads as their own personal […]

When Should You Be Mowing Your Grass?

What Is The Best Time Of Day To Mow This article explains when you should be mowing your grass. We answer questions about the best watering times frequently here are Sprinkler Warehouse. However, we are often asked questions outside of irrigation, especially dealing with grass. One of the most popular questions is, when is the […]

Protect Your Sprinkler System By Winterizing Your Investment

Protect Your Money With Backflow Protection! This article explains how you can protect your sprinkler system by winterizing your investment. Winterization is the only way to protect your sprinkler system during the deep plunge in temperatures during the winter. Click here to shop for insulated pouches. Browse All Insulated Pouches From Backflow Armor If you […]

Save Water Without Sacrificing A Beautiful Lawn

Building Efficiency Into Your Lawn This article discusses how you can save water without sacrificing a beautiful lawn. Save thousands of gallons of water and have the best-looking lawn on your block by using these simple tricks. Every year I look forward to winter because there is no more lawn care or yard work. I […]

Let’s Talk About Why Your Water Bill Is So High

Why Your Water Bill Is High Water’s A Matter With You? This article discusses the factors that could be causing your water bill to be high. So let’s talk about money. Yours, mine, yours, and yours. I do want to go over one water fact first. It’s a surprising fact to many people, even though […]