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This awesome little tool here is called a Xeriman Tool. Alfred Castillo here – the Sprinkler Warehouse Pro.  Let’s get started!

Using A Xeriman Tool

A Xeriman Tool – use it to insert Xeri-bugs and Rain Bird pressure compensating module barbed emitters into half-inch and three-quarter inch poly tubing. You don’t even have to poke a hole first. Place the emitter into the little hole here.  See it even holds onto the emitter for you until you’re ready to place it. Then just push in and twist. It also has a removal notch on the side. Slide it under the emitter and POP.

The hole on the bottom of this tool is built to hold Rain Bird goof plugs. Put the plug in like this and pop the plug into an existing hole. This thing is a real frustration preventer.  So, pick up one today on

Remember, Sprinkler Warehouse has everything for your irrigation needs so your trees, lawns, flower beds and gardens are lush and beautiful. And if you have any questions about our products chat with one of our superb customer service agents on They really know their stuff and they’ll get you squared away. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the most out of our user-friendly shop and compare web store. For Sprinkler Warehouse, I’m Alfred Castillo, your Sprinkler Warehouse Pro!

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