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Why buy all of these when you can get one of these – the one tool to rule them all. Alfred Castillo here: the Sprinkler Warehouse Pro.  Let’s talk about the Poly-Gator 5-in-1.

The first thing you notice when you pick up the Poly-Gator 5-in-1 is it’s got a little heft. I mean in a good way.  It’s a real legit tool.  It’s made of sturdy metal and heavy-duty plastic. You can tell it’s built to be a bit of a workhorse. 

So let’s get started with the crimper. Use it to close up those crimp clamps. Speaking of clamps, right here on the bottom is a nut driver. Use it on those worm gear clamps.

How To Operate The Punch

To operate the punch, unlatch it right here and toggle over in place locked and loaded. What I like about the punch is if you hold it like this, it’s comfortable and sturdy. You can get a really good grip on the tool and dig in. Afterward, you can put the punch away to avoid scratching yourself up. There’s a mallet with a rubber pad on it, for when you just need to bop stuff.  

Unlocking Your Pipe Cutter

And lastly, there’s a pipe cutter. Unlock it like so. The cutter works fantastic on poly and will work for up to one-inch class 200 PVC pipe. I would not recommend it for Schedule 40 or 80.

In my opinion, the Poly-Gator 5-in-1 is a great value and a fantastic addition to your irrigation arsenal.

Remember, Sprinkler Warehouse has everything for your irrigation needs so your trees, lawn, flower beds, and gardens are lush and beautiful. And if you have any questions about our products chat with one of our adept customer service agents on

Please subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the most out of our user-friendly shop and compare web-store. For Sprinkler Warehouse, I’m Alfred Castillo, your Sprinkler Warehouse pro!

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