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Reality Check. You’ve finally started trenching and what looked simple on paper is now quite a predicament! How in the world are you going to get your sprinkler system’s water pipe and valve wire under the sidewalk or driveway? Sprinkler Warehouse has a solution: The Sidewalk Sleever.

One option for getting under the concrete walkways and other obstructions in your yard is the Sidewalk Sleever. It’ll take a bit of elbow grease, but the process is simple and straightforward.

What Is A Sidewalk Sleever?

The Sidewalk Sleever is essentially a giant spike that you’ll drive under the sidewalk or driveway. They come in different lengths and diameters. You’ll need to purchase one that’s slightly wider than the obstacle you’re tunneling under. You’ll also need a sledgehammer to drive the Sidewalk Sleever. And you’ll need a piece of scheduled 40 PVC pipe.

To begin cut your Schedule 40 PVC pipe a few inches shorter than the Sleever. Slip the pipe over the Sleever. The tapered end should stick out of the PVC pipe. Place the Sleever in a trench that is at least the length of the Sleever plus a few extra feet to swing the sledgehammer. Begin driving the Sidewalk Sleever and the PVC pipe under the sidewalk.

Now that we’ve broken through to the other side, we leave the PVC pipe in place and pull out the Sleever. If it is stuck, you can tap the spike tip with your sledgehammer until it is loose enough to slide out. For this particular project, we are running both wire and water under the sidewalk, so we are repeating the process with our second piece of PVC right next to the first.

Now connect the PVC pipe to the rest of your system, just like you normally would, using primer and cement. Feed your valve wiring through the open PVC conduit. And finish the rest of your installation.

The Sidewalk Sleever. Simple and Easy.

Remember, Sprinkler Warehouse has everything for your irrigation needs. So, your trees, lawn, flower beds and gardens are lush and beautiful. And if you have any questions about our products chat with one of our amazing customer service agents on Sprinkler Warehouse dot com. They really know their stuff and they’ll get you squared away. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for helpful tips, tutorials, and general sprinkler instruction. I’m Dwayne Smith for Sprinkler Warehouse. Professional quality. Rock bottom prices!

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