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Presently, we’re repairing a pulverized portion of PVC pipe with a particularly practical part that protracts providing a painless procedure to patch a pipe. This cool fixture is a PVC Expansion Coupling. Alfred Castillo here, your Sprinkler Warehouse pro. Let’s get started.

Repairing PVC Pipe With PEC-100 PVC Expansion Coupling

For this repair you’re going to need:

  • A pipe cutter or hacksaw
  • A PVC expansion coupling
  • A slip couple
  • PVC primer and cement
  1. First I’m going to attach the slip coupler to the expansion coupling. Apply primer to the telescoping portion of the expansion coupling and the inside of the slip coupling. And now cement.
  2. Attach the fitting. Make sure it’s square. If you put it on all catawampus, it’ll make the rest of your job more difficult than necessary. That should be pretty much set in a couple of minutes. 

    The thing I love about using expansion couplings like this one is that you don’t have to cut out a particular length of pipe. As long as your cuts fall between the maximum and minimum expansion you’re good. For example, using this one-inch fitting we can cut between ten inches and seven inches. So, I can cut here and about here. If you choose to use a hacksaw, you’ll want to sandpaper off the burrs. It’ll make for a better fit and an easier repair.
  3. Clean your cut pipe ends where you’ll be applying the primer.
  4. Apply PVC PRIMER then cement to one side of the broken pipe and the inside of your slip coupling.
  5. Slide your fixture in place. I’m going to test fit this other side, to keep everything perfectly in line. Not too tight because you don’t want to fight it when we pull it back off. Wait a couple of minutes for the primer to set. Now I’m going to slide back the expansion coupling.
  6. Apply primer and cement to the inside of the expansion coupling and the outside of the cut pipe. 
  7. Slide the expansion coupling over the cut end of the pipe. Quarter turn to smear the glue.

Mission accomplished! 

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