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Steps On How To Find Gallons Per Minute (GPM)

Sprinkler systems can be traced back to3000 BC when the ancient Babylonians built irrigation systems from clay and straw.

You might use PVC or polyethylene tubing to deliver water to the sprinkler head. Selecting the right material for the framework of your system ensures lasting and efficient operation. If you use PVC. The typical diameter of the pipes is between three-quarters of an inch up to 2-inches.

The Right Size Pipe Depends On The Overall Capacity Of Your System

The simplest way to do this is to use a flow meter measuring gauge. Which attaches to your hose bib. In case you don’t have access to a flow meter. Use a five-gallon bucket and a stopwatch. Place the bucket under the faucet and turn it on full blast. At the same time, you start the stopwatch.

When the bucket is filled stop the clock. Note how long it took to completely fill the bucket with water. Next, divide the number of gallons. In this case, it was 5 gallons by the time it took to fill the bucket. Then multiply that number by 60 seconds. The resulting number is your flow rate in gallons per minute or GPM.

As an example, if it took 36 seconds to fill the 5-gallon bucket. Your equation is 5 / 36 which equals 0.14. Next, multiply 0.14 by 60. Which equals 8.4 gallons per minute.

Next, download the comparison chart PDF file from the link located on this webpage to match your pipe size to your flow rate. For both schedule 40 and class 200 PVC pipe. And polyethylene tubing in order to choose the correct size pipe for your system.

For more detailed information watch the video on Sprinkler System Design, located on the videos page of our website.

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