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Alfred Castillo here, the Sprinkler Warehouse Pro. Let’s talk HydroRain PVC Lock Fittings. You need some help there, bud?

All About HydroRain PVC Lock Fittings 

Hydrorain PVC Lock fittings come in Tees, Manifold fittings, Couplings, Elbows, Caps, Slide repair fittings, Flexible couplings, reducing couplings, and adapters. Whew. Perfect for repairing or installing your PVC sprinkler system.
Inside are these little metal teeth that grab onto the pipe. And an O-ring to create the seal. They have the Patent-pending Push-And-Go design. You simply slide the coupling in place and it’s ready for water pressure immediately!

No Need For Glue, No More Mess With Hydro-Rain PVC-Lock

No stinky glue and no primer to dye your fingers purple. And, this is awesome, you can rotate the fitting after it’s been installed. These fittings are also removable and reusable. Let’s put one together. Little helpful hint, I’m going to make a mark on this pipe one inch from the end. That way I’ll know that I’ve installed this fitting correctly. If you don’t get it all the way on, it will leak.
However, installed correctly these fittings do not leak! I’ve never had a PVC Lock fitting leak on me if it was pushed all the way on.

How To Remove/Release Your PVC-Lock

Now to remove it. You’ll need one of these release tools like this. Wrap it around the pipe. Slide the metal blade into the gap between the pipe and the fitting. All the way in, twist and remove it.
These absolutely will save you time, and energy and Sprinkler Warehouse has everything for your irrigation needs so your trees, lawn, flower beds, and gardens are lush and beautiful.

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