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How To Read The Markings On Your PVC Pipe

As you prepare to install a sprinkler system. You might use PVC or polyethylene tubing to deliver water to the sprinkler head. Selecting the right material for the framework of your system ensures lasting and efficient operation.

Defining The Markings On Your PVC Pipe

PVC pipe is rated by two different systems. The first is the class system; or CI. And the other is the scheduling system; SCH. The code on the side of the pipe is required by law. It indicates the properties and tolerances associated with the pipes manufacturer. There is no established color code for PVC pipe. So, the only way to know exactly what kind of plastic pipe you are working with. Is to understand what the markings mean.

Here’s how you decode the industry nomenclature. The outside of all plumbing grade PVC pipe is labeled with the following information. Manufacturer of the pipe. The standard the pipe conforms to. The pipe size. It’s a pressure rating. The schedule number, and a laboratory seal or mark if it is to be used for potable water.

Poly pipe is rated by a system of SDR ratio. Sometimes labeled just DR. The lower the SDR number the stronger the tube is. HDPE poly is commonly rated for 80, 100, 160, 200, and 250 PSI operating pressure. The least expensive form of poly is sold as an irrigation pipe. And is rated at 60, 80, or sometimes 100 PSI. It is commonly used for low-pressure laterals on irrigation systems. All poly tubes of the same size. Will have the same inside diameter.

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