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A Guide To Sealing A Hole In Drip Tubing

Fast, Easy, Effective

This article demonstrates how to seal a hole in drip tubing. A Goof Plug is a quick and simple solution for holes punched in the wrong spot in your drip tubing. Simply push a Goof Plugs in the hole you would like to plug. The design of your landscape could change at any time. Therefore, it is a great idea to keep extra Goof Plugs on hand so that you can move emitters to match the new layout.


To seal a hole in drip tubing, keep in mind that some Goof Plugs are designed with both a small and a large plug on each end.

  • The smaller side plugs the end of 1/4″ tubing or 1/4″ holes made in 1/2″ tubing.
  • The large end of the plug can be used to give an extra tight fit to 1/4″ holes. Therefore, you can use the larger plug any time the 1/4″ plug doesn’t give a tight seal.

  • Use to plug unwanted holes in drip tubing
  • When rearranging drip system, use to plug holes left behind by relocated emitters
  • Applications: gardens, glasshouses, and hanging baskets

In conclusion, Use Goof Plugs to plug a hole in distribution tubing that was punched with a standard emitter installation tool. Click here if you need to stop the water from flowing.