Battery And Solar Powered Controllers

Sometimes getting power to a controller is a challenge. Thankfully there are battery-powered and solar-powered controllers that can solve your problem. Dwayne Smith, your Sprinkler Warehouse Pro covers some of the options available, for battery and solar-powered controllers in this video. Sometimes getting power to a controller is a challenge. Thankfully, there are battery-powered and solar-powered controllers […]

Bob Adjusts a Rotor…Kind Of

Bob sees that his rotor isn’t adjusted properly. He pulls a tool from his pocket and messes with his rotor, but the results are too short. He makes another adjustment, but this time the rotor is shooting in the wrong direction. Then too high. Then too far. Bob is very upset and expresses his frustration […]

Zurn Wilkins 375 RPA Fast Test

A backflow prevention device is used to protect potable water from contamination due to backflow, which is the undesirable reversal of the flow of contaminants into your drinking water supply. The Zurn Wilkins 375 reduced pressure assembly backflow prevention device is designed to keep this from happening. Simple, Reliable Backflow Prevention The simplest, most reliable […]

Winterizing  Your PVB

Hi, Alfred Castillo here – Sprinkler Warehouse Pro. Today I’m going to share with you how to actually winterize a backflow preventer. Keep Your Valves In Line As it’s currently in its state, you can see that both of my valves are in the open position. We have supply going into the backflow preventer, out […]

Stopping Backsiphonage & Backpressure

The US Safe Drinking Water Act of 1974 established a national program to ensure the quality of America’s drinking water. Before installing your sprinkler system, you need to familiarize yourself with the codes and regulations regarding irrigation systems for your community or city. There are two primary forms of backflow: backsiphonage and backpressure. Backsiphonage With […]

Replacing A PVB

In this video, we’re going to replace this PVB that got damaged in a recent snowstorm. I’m Dwane Smith, your Sprinkler Warehouse product specialist. Let’s replace a backflow. So, we’ve got a broken Febco 765 one-inch backflow. If you have a different PVB, the procedure should be very similar. We have kits to repair your […]

Why You Should Avoid Using AVBs.

Check Local Codes For Backflow Devices State and local codes vary. But most communities have established guidelines on the type of backflow preventers that need to be installed to protect the drinking water supply. The atmospheric vacuum breaker or AVB is the least expensive backflow preventer. As a general rule atmospheric vacuum breakers are not […]

How To Repair Your Febco 765-1 PVB

Have you ever woke up on a wintry morning and gone outside only to realize you’re standing or sloshing in water? You look to your left and all you is water spewing out of your backflow. It happens more often than you think and it’s a good indicator that the equipment was not properly winterized. […]

Winterizing Your Backflow Device To Prevent Freeze Damage

This video thumbnail shows the Sprinkler Warehouse Pro with a backflow device and foam pipe wrap insulation.

(Transcribed from the video above) Hi, Alfred Castillo here, your Sprinkler Warehouse Pro. Today I’m going to share with you how to actually winterize a backflow preventer and protect your PVB with foam pipe insulation. Thermacel Foam Pipe Insulation Backflow Armor Insulated Pouch In its current state, you can see that both of my valves […]

Choosing A Backflow Preventer

This is a digital illustration showing two types of backflow preventers side by side.

This video will help you understand the importance of installing a backflow preventer in your sprinkler system. How they work, and which backflow prevention device you should choose for your system. Click Here To Browse All Backflow Preventers About Anti-Siphon Valves An anti-siphon valve is generally less expensive and less work to install. An anti-siphon […]