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Sprinkler Guide helped this man bring a beautiful landscape for his daughter

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Just purchased a home? At Sprinkler Warehouse we know how important your yard can be for memory making. This sprinkler guide aims to help new homeowners understand, learn and troubleshoot irrigation systems to make your yard an extension of your home.

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At Sprinkler School, we believe thereโ€™s always room for improvement. The more you learn, the more you grow and that applies to your yard as well! Create the outdoor oasis that youโ€™re proud of with our sprinkler guides and tutorials. 

Featured Product



K-Rain ProPlus Rotor

The ProPlus adjustable arc and full-circle gear-driven rotor come standard with nine numerically coded interchangeable nozzles. The flagship model in the PRO Series line, the ProPlus is packed with features that ensure reliability, saving the installer time, money, and needless frustration. Excellent nozzle performance delivers an exceptional fall out of the pattern. In independent testing by C.I.T., the ProPlus delivered up to 90% uniform coverage.


K-Rain ProSeries 150 In-Line Valve 1 in. FPT | 7101

K-Rain’s ProSeries 150 Valves offer the irrigation professional a wide array of features and benefits. The 1″ valve has a removable metering pin and external bleed screw promoting easy maintenance and manual operation. The 1″ valve provides the professional easy servicing access without removing the valve from the system.


K-Rain PRO-LC 4 Station Indoor/Outdoor Controller

Available in fixed 4, 8, and 12 station indoor and outdoor models, the K-Rain Pro-LC is a compact controller with an array of user-friendly features: easy-to-follow programming, a full program screen display showing watering days, start times, number of stations, and special programming, as well as rain/freeze sensor compatibility, seasonal adjust for water conservation and a buried valve locator for easy maintenance and more.