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Solutions To Common Water Supply Problems

This article provides charts to help you troubleshoot your water supply problems. With these scenarios, you can quickly identify the problem and apply the solution.

1. House Water Is Contaminated With Bacteria

Possible Causes:Remedy:
No backflow prevention on the system.Install the mandated backflow prevention device required by local codes.

2. There Is Water Runoff After A Zone Finishes Watering

Possible Causes: Remedy:
The system is overwatering.Reduce the run times for the affected zones.
The system is watering a slope.Irrigate slopes for shorter periods but more often, or reduce the sprinkler precipitation rate for that zone.

3. Troubleshooting Chart: Water Is Puddling In The Yard

Possible Causes:Remedy:
Leak in the system.Locate the leak and repair it or replace the broken part.
Punctured drip irrigation line.Use a plug to repair the leak.
The system is irrigation too long.Reduce the minutes of run time for your

4. There Is No Water In One Part Of One Zone

Possible Causes:Remedy:
Poly tubing supply line may be kinkedInspect the lines and straighten any kinks. Use drip stakes to help keep the line free of kinks.
Rock or other debris is
deforming the supply pipe.
Inspect the line, remove any rocks and bed the pipe in the sand.
A buildup of debris and sediment has blocked
the line.
Flush out the zone lines thoroughly.

5. Troubleshooting Chart: Water Supply- Freeze Damage Occurs During Winter

Possible Causes:Remedy:
The system was not properly winterized.Add drain valves at the lowest point in
each zone.
Use compressed air to blow out the system before each

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