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So, you want to help take care of the planet and reduce wastewater. How can you help? Alfred Castillo here. Let’s talk about reclaimed water

Purple Signifies Reclaimed Water

All pipes and equipment including valve boxes using reclaimed water must be purple or have purple markings to prevent someone from accidentally connecting them to a potable water source. Mยญany school district local state and federal government agencies are implementing recycled water programs to help save water, money, and the environment. Every gallon of recycled water used for these purposes saves a gallon of drinking water.

The Difference Between Recycled Water And Greywater

Although similar, there is a difference between recycled water and greywater. Recycled water is municipal wastewater that has been treated. It’s not suitable for consumption. However, it can be used for irrigation. Greywater on the other hand includes untreated water from bathtubs, showers, washing machines, and other sources. Greywater usually is only used to irrigate landscapes at the site where it is collected and is typically stored in an underground tank before being pumped out and used for irrigation. So, how can you use recycled water? Well lucky for you and the planet several irrigation manufacturers have stepped up to the plate and now offer components that will help you utilize recycled water. However, using recycled water for irrigation is not without its own unique set of challenges. Purification increases the water salt content which is not good for the soil in animals and can wreak havoc on standard irrigation equipment.

You’ll need to utilize the valves designed for reclaimed water use which are constructed from heavy-duty glass-filled nylon and designed with chlorine and chemical resistant diaphragms and components. It’s incredibly important to prevent overspray, pooling, or runoff when using reclaimed water. Especially any circumstances that would bring the water in contact with areas where food may be consumed or prepped. Also, do not use it for washing cars, driveways, or structures. etc. Remember to wash your hands with soap and clean water after having come in contact with reclaim water. And never use reclaimed water for bathing, or swimming.

Check With Local Authorities If You Require Signage For Reclaimed Water

You may be required to regularly report your reclaim water use. Some areas also require signage indicating that recycled water is in use. Check with your local authorities to determine the laws in your area. And even if your local regulations do not require signage, it’s still a good idea. Now all this may seem like a to worry about, however, realize that water reuse can save money. As recycle water rates are typically lower than drinking water rates. But perhaps most importantly reclaimed water helps ensure that communities have enough water to meet their current and future needs. So, it’s worth the extra effort.

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