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What To Look For During Certain Scenarios

This article is all about troubleshooting for valves. Sprinkler Warehouse provides typical scenarios paired with possible causes and solutions. With easy to read charts, the problem can be fixed in no time.

Valve Troubleshooting Chart 1. A Zone Valve Will Not Turn On

Possible Causes:Remedy:
Incorrect watering days, start times or run times.Check and adjust the timer program.
Water supply is off to the zone valve.Turn on the water supply.
Faulty valve solenoid.Replace the solenoid.
Closed control at valve.Open the control valve counter clockwise.

Valve Troubleshooting Chart 2. A Zone Valve Will Not Turn Off

Possible Causes:Remedy:
Zone valve wires are not connectedConnect the wires.
Timer programming is incorrect.Check and adjust the timer program.
Debris in valve, solenoid or meterin orifice.Disassemble the valve and clean with fresh water.

Valve Troubleshooting Chart 3. Water Is Leaking From A Valve

Possible Causes:Remedy:
Valve diaphragm is faulty.Replace the valve diaphragm.
Valve body is cracked or broken or the valve bonnet is broken.Replace the valve.

Valve Troubleshooting Chart 4. Leak From Lowest Sprinkler In Zone

Possible Causes:Remedy:
Damaged valve diaphragm.Replace the diaphragm.

Valve Troubleshooting Chart 5. A Manual Valve Is Stuck Or Hard To Operate

Possible Causes:Remedy:
Dirt in the valve.Clean and lubricate the valve stem.

Valve Troubleshooting Chart 6. Misting Of The Spray Occurs

Possible Causes: Remedy:
Flow is too highAdjust the flow control to a lower flow on the irrigation valve.

Troubleshooting Chart 7. The Spray Pattern Is Too Small

Possible Causes: Remedy:
Flow rate is too low.Adjust the flow control to a higher flow on the irrigation valve.

Troubleshooting Chart 8. Valve Solenoid:

ProblemPossible Causes:Remedy:
A zone valve will not turn onBurned out valve solenoid.Replace the solenoid.
Fuses blow