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Answers To Your Most Asked Questions About Irrigation Systemsย 

This article is a brief diagram that answers your most frequently asked questions about irrigation systems. This includes, “what to do when pop-up won’t come up” and “what kind of controller do I need?” Click here to shop for irrigation supplies at the Sprinkler Warehouse.

Below is a written-out version of the frequently asked irrigation questions from the diagram above.

Pop-up won’t pop up:

  1. Do the other sprinkler heads on the zone pop up?
  2. Grown over with grass?
  3. Is there any sign of a leak or broken line?
  4. Do you see water leaking from or around the shaft?

What kind of controller do I need?

  1. How many zones do you need?
  2. Do you want local or internet controlled?
  3. Will it go indoors or outside?
  4. Do you want it expandable?

There is no display on the controller.

  1. Is it plugged in?
  2. Are there any loose connections?
  3. Does it have a fuse?
  4. Does it have a reset button?

Valve won’t come on

  1. 24 volts from the controller?
  2. Will it come on with a bleed screw?
  3. Are the connections good?
  4. Is solenoid good?

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