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Common West Nile Answers

This article discusses how to survive the West Nile Virus. West Nile is out there my fellow Houstonians. It is out there and it is ready to take us by storm… or swamp or something. I decided to sit down and talk to a fellow Sprinkler Warehouse employee about the looming epidemic. Click here to learn more about “what pests are harmful to your lawn” 

“The good news is that 1% of the population has no possible chance of catching the virus. These candidates are superheroes, ghosts, people who have already caught it and therefore cannot catch it again. Self-proclaimed West Nile virus expert Jeff Martin. “Everybody else is doomed to have nearly a 100% chance of maybe possibly catching this deadly virus.”

Is There Hope?

Such a high possible chance of maybe catching something deadly sounds very ominous… and quite confusing. So, I decided to ask Mr. Martin more about the possible death of all people living in the Greater Houston area. After several hours of reenacting the birth of a mosquito and the various stages of its life, Mr. Martin finally showed a ray of hope for the human race against these deadly little creatures. “Not all is lost,” he explained. “In the recent years our technology has helped us develop a line of defense against these small, disease spreading mosquitoes”. One of the most effective and cost-efficient lines of defense are the products manufactured by

Mr. Martin was of course referring to the newly added pest prevention products now available at Sprinkler Warehouse. People living in Houston may finally be able to get a full night sleep now that products such as Cedarcide’s Best Yet & PCO Insect Control Concentrate are available at local Houston store, Sprinkler Warehouse. “One of the greatest things about living in Houston is having the access to these types of West Nile defense systems,” states Martin.

Your Defense:

Martin then went on to talk about a little known product available to sprinkler system owners called Skeetobusters. Basically, Skeetobusters is a pest control system  you can hook up to your irrigation system that builds a barrier of protection against not only mosquitos, but fire ants, ticks, rats, snakes and many other unwanted pests.

The self-proclaimed West Nile expert said that if every homeowner in Houston were to use all of these products, their chances of catching the West Nile virus would be much closer to that of superheroes and certain intellectually advanced alien life forms. Without these products, Martin believes the human race should probably kneel down to the new dominant species to prevent an imminent genocide.

How to Save Us All?

For more information on how you can help save the human race by purchasing these pestigation products, you may contact the excellent customer service/human race defenders at Sprinkler Warehouse. If you’re lucky enough to be living in Houston, you have the option to drive and pick up your products today.