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Popular Mosquito Breeding Zonesย 

This article explains 8 areas in your yard where you didn’t know mosquitoes were breeding. Therefore, do your part to fight against Zika by eliminating the places where mosquitoes are most likely to mate. Here are eight of the most common areas around your yard that are likely to collect standing water and to be a hotbed for mosquitoes:

  1. Buckets
  2. Bird Baths
  3. Tires
  4. Tarps
  5. Rain Gutters
  6. Trash Cans
  7. Untended Pools
  8. Foul Water

Anywhere in your yard that can allow for standing water will be a concern for mosquito breeding. Eliminate any standing water. In addition, if draining is not possible, treat the offending area with a product like PCO Choice.

Some Available Products:

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