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Weathermatic T3 Features And Benefits

In this video, we’re going to discuss a few of the features of the Weathermatic T3 Rotor and show you how to change out a nozzle and make some adjustments. I’m Dwayne Smith, your Sprinkler Warehouse Product Specialist. Let’s get started.

The Weathermatic T3 Rotor Has An Adjustable Arc From 40 To 360 Degrees

This is the Weathermatic T-3 Rotor. The popup height on this rotor is four inches and it has a three-quarter inch inlet here on the bottom. It has an adjustable arc from 40 to 360 degrees. And it has presets of 90, 180, 270, and 360 degrees. The T-3 comes standard with a check valve. 

A T3 Rotor Includes A Check Valve For Spray Head Drainage

Check valves to prevent low head drainage.  That is when a zone of your irrigation system has a slope…a check valve prevents water draining from your system out through the lowest sprinkler head once the zone shuts off. 

The check valve in a T3 rotor will work with up to 12 feet of elevation difference. On the T3 you can adjust the arc, also called the pattern, without any tools. This is much easier to do while the rotor is running. But if the rotor isn’t running use the rotor tool to pull up on the riser. The retraction spring on this rotor is fairly strong. Hold the riser up with your hand. Or If you find it difficult to hold up the rotor you can do it this way.

How To Adjust The Arc On Weathermatic T3 Rotors

Unscrew the rotor. Pull out the assembly. And push down on the collar down like this. There’s this ribbed section here. If you look on here you’ll see symbols for the quarter, half, three quarter, and full-circle arc spray patterns.  On the back of this top section here there is an arrow.  

While holding the ring, turn the top of the rotor until the arrow points to the pattern you want. Including any point between the patterns. The T3 has a watering distance between 23 to 61 feet depending on how the adjustment screw is set and the installed nozzle. This rotor comes with a set of nozzles. You’ll need a rotor tool like this one to change out a nozzle. Looking at the top of the rotor. This is the pull-up slot. Use the plastic end of the tool to pull up the riser.

This little triangle is the radius adjustment slot. You have to pierce the membrane with the metal end of the rotor tool to access it. The screw that is down in there adjusts your watering distance and holds your nozzle in place. Now let’s head outside so we can show you the basic adjustments. Let’s change out a nozzle. Insert the rotor tool here in the lifting socket. Twist and pull up the riser. I’m using a Weathermatic nozzle install collar to hold the riser up. But if you don’t have one you can hold the riser up with your hand.

Insert the metal end of the tool in the radius adjustment slot to back out the screw. Use needle-nose pliers to pull out the nozzle. Insert the new nozzle ….with ears up…. into nozzle opening. Push it all the way into the rotor at a slight downward angle. And use the rotor tool to thread back down the radius adjustment screw, making sure it goes down between the plastic guide walls. Warning:  Don’t screw the little screw down too far or back it out too far or you’ll be looking for a teeny tiny screw in the grass. Let the riser back down. And turn on the water. Use the radius adjustment screw to set your watering distance.  You want the water to reach the next rotor over. Even if you do want the maximum watering distance still have the screw down far enough to diffuse the stream of water.

So here’s how to set the arc while the rotor is watering. Hold the ribbed collar with one hand. And then use your other hand to rotate the top of the riser so that the arrow points down at the appropriate pattern. Order your Weathermatic T3 rotors on Sprinkler

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