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Sprinkler Warehouse Pro Dwayne Smith discusses a few of the features of the Hunter PGJ-06 rotor and shows you how to change out a nozzle and how to make some adjustments. Available at, sku#: PGJ-06

The Hunter PGJ-06 is a rotor that can be used in some situations where you’d normally use spray heads. We’re going to discuss a few of the features of this rotor and show you how to change out a nozzle and make some adjustments. I’m Dwayne Smith your Sprinkler Warehouse Product Specialist.

Features And Benefits Of The PGJ Mini Rotor

The PGJ-O6 is a 6-inch mini rotor by Hunter that brings typical rotor features in a smaller package that can be used as an alternative to spray heads. It has a smaller watering distance than is typical in rotors: 15 to 37 feet. And it has a half-inch inlet like most spray heads.

This rotor is ideal for small lawns and smaller landscaped areas. The popup height on this rotor is six inches. That’s two inches taller than standard rotors and spray heads. You can adjust the arc on the PGJ-06 from 40 to 360 degrees. It comes with this set of nozzles.

Adjusting A Hunter PGJ Rotor

Adjustments are made using this Hunter Rotor tool. Let’s talk about the various adjustments. Looking at the top of the rotor This is where you set your Range Adjustment Screw. This screw also holds the nozzle in place. This is the lifting socket. This is the arc Adjustment Socket.

Let’s go see this rotor in action. We’ll begin by changing out a nozzle. First, insert the plastic end of the rotor tool into the lifting socket. Turn and pull up the riser. While holding the riser up with your hand back out the range adjustment screw so it’s no longer blocking the nozzle.

Change The Nozzle On A PGJ-06

Pry out the nozzle with a flat head screwdriver or pull it out with a pair of needle-nose pliers. Insert the new nozzle. Screw back down the range adjustment screw. Don’t try to tighten the screw, just get it down in front of the nozzle.

With the water on, use the range adjustment screw to set your watering distance. You can turn the turret back and forth to see the arc. To adjust the arc insert the plastic part of the rotor tool into the arc adjustment slot. Turn the tool clockwise to increase the arc or counterclockwise to decrease.

And that is the PGJ-06 by Hunter. Order your PGJs on Sprinkler today.