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K-Rain RPS-75i Features And Benefits

Today we are discussing the RPS-75i with intelligent flow technology. I’m Dwayne Smith, your Sprinkler Warehouse Product Specialist.  Let’s get started.

K-Rain’s Intelligent Flow Technology

K-Rain is innovative. They invented the 3 spring – reversing mechanism that is now standard in most rotors. Well, now they’re doing it again.  Pushing the envelope on design. Featuring the RPS 75i. With intelligent flow technology. What is intelligent flow technology? Well first, let’s back up a bit. Let’s start by talking about this screw right here. There’s a screw just like this on most rotors out there.

Easily Adjust The Spray Radius on The K-Rain RPS-75i

It, number one, holds the nozzle in place. And two, it can be screwed down into the stream of water to shorten the spray distance, also known as the radius. So when you crank down on the screw, the same amount of water still comes out of the rotor, but it doesn’t go as far. In irrigation systems, you strive for matched precipitation.  That means you want even water coverage over your entire yard.

Adjust The Watering Distance By Up To 50% 

But if you’re cranking down on that screw, the area serviced by that rotor is getting more water per square foot than other areas.  And you’re wasting water.  Often up to 30 percent of your water. And here’s where intelligent flow technology comes in. This allows you to change your watering distance, up to fifty percent, while simultaneously and automatically changing the flow rate. Which allows you to keep matched precipitation.

To change the radius and flow rate insert the plastic end of this tool right here. And twist it. There are arrows showing you which way is increasing or decreasing.  It’s counterclockwise to reduce and clockwise to increase.  You can also use it to turn off the water to the rotor completely so you can work on the rotor. Or turn off the water so you can work on the next rotor over without getting wet. Now the intelligent flow technology is used in conjunction with the correct nozzle, not a substitute for having the correct nozzle in place.

K-Rain Nozzle Chart Online

Click here to check out the K-Rain RPS-75i and nozzle chart.

When purchasing the RPS-75i you received a nozzle tree and you probably received an instruction manual that contains a nozzle chart.  If you don’t have a nozzle chart you can find the information you need on Sprinkler  Let’s look at the adjustments. Here is your lifting socket.  One way to access the nozzle is to insert the plastic end of the key, turn and pull up.  I’ll show you another way in a minute. This arrow right here shows which direction the rotor sprays.  It also is where you access the screw that holds the nozzle in place.   You use the metal part of the key to access that screw.

Adjust The K-Rain RPS-75i Arc From 40 Degrees Up To 360 Degrees

And this is where you change your pattern, also called your arc.  This rotor’s arc is adjustable from 40 degrees to 360 degrees. Let’s go into the field and change out a nozzle. On most rotors, you can’t change out a nozzle while the zone is running. However, the intelligent flow slot on the RPS 75i allows you to shut off the water to the head, so we’ll do that. And fortunately, it leaves the head in the up position making it quite easy to change out the nozzle. Let’s get this nozzle positioned so you can see it better. Now let’s back out the screw holding in the nozzle. Back it out far enough so that you can get the nozzle out, but not so far that you’re looking for it in the grass.

Pull out the nozzle using a pair of needle-nose pliers. And put in the new nozzle.  The little divot that accepts the screw goes toward the top.

And screw back down the screw.  You want the screw far enough down to break up the stream of water.  So the screw should just barely touch the top of the hole in the center of the nozzle. Putting the plastic end of the key back in the flow slot, we’ll turn back on the water. Now we’ll adjust the screw for a nice even spray.

K-Rain RPS-75i Rotor Intelligent Flow Settings

Let’s check out the intelligent flow settings.  A clockwise turn increases the amount of flow and counterclockwise decreases it. Now we’re playing with the arc setting.  Use the plastic end of the key and insert it into the slot marked arc.  Turn it clockwise to increase the arc and counterclockwise to decrease. You can check the pattern by turning the top of the riser back and forth.  Doing this won’t mess up your settings.

Customers have reported to us that they really love these RPS-75i’s.  I think you’ll find them incredibly easy to work with and an all-around solid rotor.

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Remember Sprinkler Warehouse has everything for your irrigation needs. So, your trees lawn flowerbeds, and gardens are lush and beautiful.  And if you have any questions about our products. Chat with one of our superb customer service agents on They really know their stuff, and they will get you squared away.  Subscribe to our YouTube channel for helpful tips tutorials and general sprinkler instruction. I’m Dwayne Smith for Sprinkler Warehouse. America’s Most Shopped Sprinkler Store.