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What Rotors Are Best For Smaller Areas?

This article discusses which rotors to use Like the Little Engine that Could, some rotors just refuse to accept limitations. There is a whole bunch of over-achiever rotors available for smaller systems or smaller areas just eager to show you what they can do. Retro-fitting an old system? Need to cover a smaller area? Only have a ยฝ” supply line? Listen! You can hear them yelling – Pick me! Pick me!

Take a look at the K-Rain MiniPro, the Hunter PGJ, the Toro Mini-8  and the Rain Bird 3500. Designed for smaller areas and retrofits these rotors fit areas too small for standard rotors but too large for standard spray heads. Coverage on these range from a low of 15 to a high of 37. Since most spray nozzles stop at 15 and most rotors start at 25+/- this fits right in.


Since they use a ยฝ” connection you don’t need to run new pipe to get the same type coverage as their bigger siblings and you can match their precipitation rate. Have an older system that no longer provides the head to head coverage it should? Simply use these to regain coverage and possibly eliminate a head or two. For example, if your spray heads are 15 apart you can replace each head with one of these set for 15 or you could replace every other head with one of these set for 30, eliminating the middle head.

For mid-range coverage they do everything the bigger rotors do and do it just as well. And they are far more enthusiastic.