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The Rain Bird Maxi-Paw 2045A-SAM is a closed case impact rotor with a Seal A Matic Check valve. We’re going to discuss a few of the features and show you how to change out a nozzle and make some adjustments. I’m your Sprinkler Warehouse product specialist, let’s get started.

Gear Driven Rotor VS. Impact Rotor

This is the 2045A- Maxi-Paw Seal a Matic Rotor by Rain Bird. It’s an impact rotor that pops up similar to the way most gear-driven rotors do. Two of the main kinds of rotors that are used today are gear-driven and impact rotors. So what’s the difference? With gear-driven rotors, all the mechanisms that cause the rotor to turn, are inside the sprinkler body while Impact rotors have all the mechanisms outside of the sprinkler body. So Impact rotors have a straight-through water flow, and that makes them good for dirty water applications. The 2045A-SAM has a seal-a-matic check valve.

Having a check valve prevents low head drainage. If there is a significant elevation difference within a zone, when the sprinklers shut off, the lowest head often drains the water out of the piping within that zone. This can result in puddling and erosion. A check valve will prevent water from draining out of the head. The Seal-A-Matic check valve on the Maxi-Paw works with up to 10 feet of elevation change. This rotor pops up above the soil three inches.

Benefits Of The Maxi-Paw

It has a combination inlet on the bottom that accepts both ½ inch and ¾ inch fittings and it has a ½ inch side inlet as well. This Maxi-Paw can be set to 360-degree non-reversing Full-circle, OR arc adjustable from 20° to 340° The rotor comes with 5 Standard trajectory nozzles and 2 low angle nozzles. It has a watering distance of 22 to 45 feet depending on the nozzle installed, how the adjustment screw is set, and the water pressure in your system. Let’s go outside and show the adjustments.

How To Change A Nozzle

To change the nozzle, the water should be off. Pry up the cover on the Maxi Paw. While holding the cover-up with one hand… Swing the arm out of the way to reveal the nozzle. Grab the nozzle. On this tab to the left, apply forward pressure as you turn the nozzle counterclockwise. And the nozzle will slide right out. Put the new nozzle in place with the long tab down.

Then twist clockwise until the nozzle locks into place. You can now release the arm. Rotate the nozzle counterclockwise and then it should pull off easily. Push the new nozzle in with the short angled tab toward the top. And turn it clockwise to snap into place.

You can adjust the diffusion screw to shorten or lengthen the watering distance, also called the radius. The diffusion screw also breaks up the spray to create a more even watering pattern. This little metal lever in the back, which I’m going to call the trip switch, switches the impact from a full circle to a partial circle pattern. When the trip switch hits each side of the wings of the trip collar, the impact reverses direction. To change the pattern, also called the arc, just move the trip collars.

No tools are necessary. You can set the arc anywhere from 20 degrees to 340 degrees. The Maxi Paw is a very popular rotor with our customers. I think you’re going to love working with it. Order your maxi paws today on