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Sprinkler Warehouse Pro Dwayne Smith in this video gives you the information you need in order to choose the right rotor for your situation by explaining the differences between the PGP-ADJ, PGP Ultra, and the I-20 series of rotors.

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The Difference Between PGP-ADJ, PGP Ultra, and I-20 Series Rotors

In this video, we’re going to cover the differences between the PGP-ADJ, PGP Ultra, and the I-20 series of rotors to help you choose the right rotor for your situation. I’m Dwayne Smith your Sprinkler Warehouse Product Specialist. Let’s talk about Hunter Rotors.

Hunter has a lot of choices when it comes to residential rotors. This video focuses on the rotors in the Hunter line that all have a ¾-inch inlet and so they would be somewhat interchangeable. We’re going to cover the information you need to choose between these rotors so you can get the features you need for your lawn, garden, or flowerbed.

Details About The PGP-ADJ Rotor

The PGP-ADJ is the most basic of these rotors and it’s the number one selling rotor in the industry.
It has a watering distance of 22 to 52 feet. The PGP-ADJ is a 4-inch pop-up and is a partial circle rotor. That is, its arc is adjustable from 40 to 360 degrees. It does not have a full circle option. So when you set it to 360 it’s a reversing pattern. When it reaches the end of the arc it reverses direction. The PGP-ADJ comes with a set of nozzles, and there are additional nozzle choices also available, for a total of 27 different nozzles to choose from.

The PGP Ultra Series Has A Few More Features And More Options

The PGP Ultra has a watering distance of 17 to 47 feet. In the PGP Ultra line, there is the PGP-04 which is a four-inch pop-up, the PGP-00 is the shrub model, and the PGP-12 is the 12” pop up model. The 4-inch model is perfect for lawns. The shrub model is a fixed height, it doesn’t pop up. It’s made to go on a shrub stick for your planting beds. The 12” model is for spraying over smaller plants.

How Part Circle VS Full Circle Rotors Affect Run-Off

You can set the arc on these between 50 and 360 degrees. All PGP-Ultras are part and full circle rotors in one. So when you set the rotor to turn 360 degrees it goes around in a continuous circle without reversing directions. Having a full circle setting gives the water more time to absorb into the ground before the rotor makes another pass. Whereas on a part-circle-only rotor, because it reverses at the end of its arc. It’s more likely to experience runoff in the area at the edges of the arc. This is feature is more important if you have soil, like clay, that doesn’t absorb quickly. If you have sandy soil this feature is much less important.

PGP-Ultra Rotor Models Have Durable Non-Strippable Drives

PGP-Ultras have a non-strippable drive, which leads to a more durable longer-lasting rotor. The Ultras also have automatic arc return, so that if the turret is cranked past its setting, it will automatically return to its setting so that there’s less wasted water and you don’t have to reset the pattern.

Check Valves For PGP-Ultra Rotors

The PGP-Ultras come with this set of nozzles and have additional nozzles as well for a total of 34 nozzle choices. One of the options you can choose in the Ultra line is a pre-installed check valve. Check valves are useful if your zone has a slope in it. Often zones with a slope will drain water out of the pipes through the lowest sprinkler heads once the zone shuts off. This causes puddling, erosion, and wasted water. Having a check valve prevents this. The check valve on a PGP-Ultra can hold back up to 10 feet of elevation change.

Pressure Regulated Rotors Prevent Misting

There is also a pressure-regulated version which is helpful if the water pressure in your system is too high. Pressure regulation allows nozzles to operate at their optimum pressure which prevents misting. Misting means much of your water is blowing away or evaporating before reaching plant roots. Pressure regulation also equalizes pressure between the heads for more even coverage.

Another option is the Non-potable, Purple cap which indicates that there is reclaimed water in use.

Hunter I-20 Rotors Feature Flow Stop Control And Stainless Steel Risers

I20s are available in 4-inch, 6-inch, 12 inches, and shrub models. I-20 models come with automatic arc return and a non-strippable drive like the ultras. Like the ultra, they also have part and full circles all in one rotor. The I20 has a watering distance of 17 to 46 feet. I20s come with a check valve standard. They come with a set of nozzles and have additional nozzle choices available for a total of 34 nozzle choices.

I20s have Flow Stop control which allows you to shut off individual heads. With this feature, you can change out a nozzle without having to shut off a zone. You can work on a nearby rotor and shut off any rotors that are spraying you. Or if there is a new build and only some of the sod was laid you can still water the areas where there is sod and turn off the heads that cover areas where the sod has not yet been installed.

There are 4 and 6-inch models available with stainless steel risers. Stainless steel risers are good for tougher soils and harsher weather conditions. They are designed to last longer than their standard plastic counterparts. And the I20s have nonpotable purple top models available.

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So that’s how these rotors stack up. No matter which rotor you choose, you’re getting a quality rotor that is designed to last. Pick up your Hunter rotors today on, or reach out to our customer service team to talk with a real person.