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This video will assist you in selecting which sprinkler heads to use for your system. At Sprinkler Warehouse we carry all the major sprinkler brands and multiple types of spray bodies.

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How do you know what brand or model of the sprinkler to choose?

Some things to consider as you evaluate the many different choices are the quality of the spray, the fit of the wiper seal, the durability of the sprinkler body, and the strength of the retraction spring. Some other features to assist in your evaluation are whether or not the sprinkler head has pressure regulation, or if it has a check valve.

You should also consider where, and how each spray head in your system is to be used, and the overall height of the riser needed to accomplish the proper irrigation of your yard.

Should You Use Sprinkler Sprays, Rotary Nozzles, Or Rotors?

Rotor heads or gear-driven sprinklers, often just called rotors, are the various sprinklers that operate by rotating streams of water back and forth over the landscape. Most people are familiar with this type of impact rotor sprinkler, which moves back and forth ejecting bursts of water.

Impact Rotors

Most likely this distinct sound is what you hear in your mind as you think about sprinklers. Impact rotors are rapidly being replaced with gear-driven rotors. Which are much quieter require lower maintenance, and are much smaller in size.

Gear-Driven Rotors

Gear-driven rotors project a single stream of water that moves silently across the landscape. Rotors can be spaced from 15 to 65 feet apart, and require at least 50 p.s.i. of water pressure to operate correctly. Sprinkler Warehouseโ€™s rule of thumb isโ€” water pressure per square inch at the rotorโ€” must exceed the distance between the sprinklers. So, if you want to space your rotors 45 feet apart. You will need at least 50 p.s.i. of water pressure at the rotor.

Junior Sized Rotors

Junior version rotors are used for small and mid-sized areas. They are smaller rotors, most often used in residential locations. They work best when spaced between 25 to 35 feet apart.

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