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Impact Vs. Gear-Drive Rotors 

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In this video Sprinkler Warehouse Pro Dwayne Smith covers the Aqualine I75-964 Brass Impact Rotor.  Available at with the SKU#: I75-964.

In this video, we’re covering the Aqualine I75-964 Brass impact rotor.  I’m Dwayne Smith

Your Sprinkler Warehouse Product Specialist.  Let’s get started

The Two Basic Types Of Rotors Are Impact And Gear-Driven

The I75-964 is an impact rotor. 

Gear-driven rotors have all the mechanisms that cause the rotor to turn inside. You can see it here. Whereas impact rotors have all the mechanisms that cause them to turn outside.  Because of the way they’re designed, impact rotors are especially good for dirty water applications. They’re less likely to clog in those circumstances due to the fact that the water goes straight through the impact rotor instead of going through the gears and mechanisms.

This Is A Full Circle Rotor That Turns 360 Degrees

So, let’s talk about the I75-964.  This is a full circle rotor.  There’s no ability to change the arc on this. 

It always turns 360 degrees. If you want an impact where you can adjust the arc, there is another impact by Aqualine, The I75A-316.

The I75 has a three-quarter-inch male connection which means you’ll need an adapter to screw it into a shrub stick. It comes with one nine-sixty-fourth Nozzle that’s preinstalled. The watering distance also called the radius, is 40 to 70 feet, determined solely by the water pressure.  This rotor will work with water pressure from 30 to 80 psi.  If you want to reduce the distance, you’ll have to reduce your water pressure. 

It’s best to do that using an inline Pressure Regulator.  For example, this is a Hendrickson Pressure regulator.  These come in various pressures.  Don’t choose one that goes below 30 PSI. 

The Aqualine Brass Impact Rotor Needs At Least 30 PSI To Operate Correctly

You need at least 30 PSI for this rotor to operate correctly.    

Putting one of these on each rotor they will also make sure your heads are getting equal water pressure, so they’ll spray the same distance and put out the same amount of water. If you do use one of these types of pressure regulators, it’s a good idea to put a fitting in between the regulator and the impact. 

The brass can easily break or stretch the plastic.  Whereas the PVC fitting is cheap to replace.  When you install one of these do look for the arrow on the side to show you which direction the flow of water goes.

So that is the I75-964 Impact Rotor by Aqualine.  Built to last for years to come. Buy yours today on Sprinkler Warehouse dot com.