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Alfred Castillo, here, The Sprinkler Warehouse Pro. I wanted to do a quick little video here on how to use Quick-Lock Fittings.

Quick Lock Fittings For Irrigation Systems

Quick-Lock fittings come in couplers, tees, elbows, plugs, and adapters. Right here is a Quick-Lock coupling for point 94 OD; that’s three-quarter inch tubing.

Let’s attach it. Unscrew the nut here to expose the barb. The first thing you’ll probably notice is the nut turns opposite of what you’d expect. Rock the tube back and forth to wiggle it on. Now tighten down the nut.

Reusable Fittings For Drip Or Spray Irrigation

These are removable and reusable. When you get ready to remove it. Just reverse the process.
Now, these are for drip only. The operating pressure is 45 PSI max. So that’s how you use Quick-Lock.

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