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Well isn’t this just a fine predicament? We’ve got a break right at this fitting. There’s not enough regular pipe here to cement on a coupling. Looks like I’m going to have to replace this tee here and a portion of the pipe. I’ll need a coupling as well…Looks like this is all I need. Alfred Castillo here, the Sprinkler Warehouse pro. Let’s get started!

This cool contraption is a SNAPPER PIPE ONE INCH TEE OR NINETY REPAIR KIT. It snaps open like this and will clasp right over the end of the fixture here. Of course, it works equally well on elbows. And guess what?! I’m not even going to cut out the broken pipe. So I won’t be needing one of these. Holds up a pipe cutter

How To Use The Irrigation Repair Kit

For this repair, you will need The SNAPPER PIPE-TO-TEE OR NINETY REPAIR KIT PVC, primer, and cement. First, we’ll just dry and clean this broken area on the pipe. Open up the Snapper Repair Kit. Apply Primer to the inside of the Repair Kit. Apply Primer to the broken portion of pipe and fixture just where the repair kit will go. Now we put a quite substantial amount of PVC Cement on the pipe and fixture, and on the inside of the Snapper. More than you’d use for a normal fitting.

The snapper has these internal chamfers that hold in the cement and melt creating a water-tight seal even on the pipe that’s slightly out of round. Close the repair kit over the pipe and fixture. Squeeze it tight and rotate it just a quarter turn or so to smear all that cement around. Hold it for twenty more seconds.

Do check that the Repair Kit has snapped shut and is seated properly. If you think you need to, you may attach hose clamps to the kit to hold it until the PVC Cement has completely cured. But do remove the clamps afterward. Make sure to use fresh PVC cement. Once it’s starting to thicken you really don’t want to play with it. It won’t hold well; I’ve seen it happen.

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Just pick up a new can. Check out all the cool Snapper Products on the Sprinkler Warehouse Website. With Snapper Repair Kits, fixing a broken PVC pipe is a– zombie hand reaches out of the hole and snaps What he said. Host shakes zombie’s hand Remember, SPRINKLER WAREHOUSE has EVERYTHING you need to keep your irrigation systems up and running so your trees, lawn, flower beds and gardens are lush and beautiful.

And if you have any questions about our products call one of the awesome guys in the customer service department at 281-500-9800 They really know their stuff and they’ll get you squared away. Thanks for watching! Do us a favor by leaving a comment below and tell us what other subjects you’d like to hear about. For Sprinkler Warehouse, I’m Alfred Castillo, your SPRINKLER WAREHOUSE PRO!