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How To Use A PVC-Lock Repair Fitting

Wow! So, take a look at this bit of craziness. Whoever installed this system created this little Frankenstein contraption to go around this very large rock.  Well, it worked just fine until somebody… Not saying who. Hit it with a shovel. Oops.

Well, there’s a much, much easier way to navigate this path, and I can do it in one fitting. This is a PVC-Lock Flexible Coupling.  This and a pair of ratcheting pipe cutters is all I’m gonna need. I’m Alfred Castillo, the Sprinkler Warehouse Pro.  Let’s get started!

Hydro-Rain Has A Full Line Of PVC Lock Irrigation Products

Hydro Rain makes a wonderful line of PVC-Lock products including couplers, caps, adapters, tees, and elbows.  They don’t need glue.  Just slip them on.  Most PVC-Lock fittings can take constant pressure.  However, due to the flexible portion of this repair coupling, this fitting is not appropriate for constant pressure use. This means you shouldn’t place it in line upstream of the valve in your system.  It is, however, capable of being installed in locations where the pipe is only pressurized when the sprinkler zone or section is running. This particular flexible coupling is also not appropriate for hot water use. A pretty cool feature is you could uninstall this fitting and reuse it elsewhere with the help of this PVC-Lock Release Tool.

So, let’s get to cutting. Now I’ll clean off my cuts.  If you used a hacksaw remember to cut off your burrs with a piece of sandpaper, including the burrs inside the pipe. Slide the end on. One more. If your PVC-Lock fitting is leaking, it almost certainly is not slid all the way on.  I’ve never had one of these fixtures leak when installed correctly.

Well, looks like we’re done here. And isn’t that much better than this stuff that was there before!

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