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What To Do When Your Fitting Has A Leak

So, your fitting has sprung a small leak. Well, I’m going to teach you how to fix it in sixty seconds. I’m Alfred Castillo Jr., the Sprinkler Warehouse Pro. Let’s get started!

Now if you’ve got a fitting that isn’t broken- but is seeping water between the fitting and the pipe it’s usually caused by improper glue during installation or repair. Now you could cut it off and replace it, or you could grab a pack of Leak-B-Gone rings and fix it in no time. With no tools required. All you’re gonna need for this repair is—an appropriate-sized Leak-B-Gone ring. And PVC Primer and Cement.

To get a good seal we need the joint to be dry and clean. So, dry those off now. If there is a buildup of glue or some other gunk around it. You’ll need to get that off with a razor blade or wire brush. If you can’t then this repair just won’t work.

Now apply some primer. Followed by a generous amount of cement. Open up your Leak-B-Gone and pop it around the pipe just a few inches from the repair spot. Make sure it’s latched properly. If it doesn’t latch you’ve got the wrong size ring and this repair will not work. Slide the ring into place. Hold it for thirty seconds.

Leak B Gone Is A Permanent Repair For PVC

Despite the fact that this is a quick fix, it is in fact a permanent repair. After a few minutes, you can turn on the water. Then go watch the game.

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For Sprinkler Warehouse, I’m Alfred Castillo, your Sprinkler Warehouse Pro!