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How To Fix A Leaky Sprinkler Pipe

I know your pain. Your yard is squishy and your water bill is too high. You’ve got a leaky pipe. You’ve found the leak and dug around the pipe. Now how do you fix it? Never fear! I’m going to show you how to fix a damaged section of pipe using the Interlock Pipe-Fix Coupling. Alfred Castillo here, the Sprinkler Warehouse Pro. Let’s get started.

For this fix, you’ll need:

  1. an Interlock Pipe-Fix Coupling
  2. pipe cutter or a hacksaw
  3. a pencil
  4. a measuring tape
  5. PVC primer and cement.

If you have to use a pair of pliers to open your PVC Cement, there’s a good chance it may be past its usefulness. Do yourself a favor and pick up a new can because redoing a project is no fun.

Using A Coupling To Repair Pipe

Now on the packaging of your Pipe-Fix Coupling in the instructions, it will tell you the length of pipe to cut out. The length you cut will depend on which Pipe-Fix product you’ve purchased. In this case, I’m using a one-inch Pipe-Fix Coupling and the packaging informs me that I need to cut a seven and one-quarter-inch length out of my pipe. If you’re using a different product, the amount you need to cut will likely be different.

You could use a hacksaw, but a pipe cutter is so much easier. You can pick one of these up on our website. If you do use a hacksaw you’ll want to clean the burrs off your cut with a piece of sandpaper.
You’ll notice the Pipe-Fix Coupling slides back and forth. And this one end is fixed.

Measure and cut your pipe according to the length recommended on its packaging. Make sure your pipe is clean and dry near your cut. Apply primer and then PVC cement to the outside of your pipe. Apply Primer and PVC Cement to the inside of the fixed end of the coupling. And apply the glue to this little portion here. Push the fixed end of the coupling onto your pipe. Slide the sleeve back the other way over the other side of the pipe. Twist back and forth just a bit to ensure a good secure fit.

Remember Sprinkler Warehouse has everything you need to keep your irrigation systems up and running. So your trees lawn flowerbeds and gardens are lush and beautiful. And if you have any questions about our products, chat with one of my buddies in the customer service department at Sprinkler Warehouse dot com. They really know their stuff, and they’ll get you squared away. Thanks for watching!