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What Is Snapper Coupling For Irrigation System?

This is an Interlock Snapper Coupling and I’m about to show you the coolest trick in the book.

Oh no a broken pipe. And see all these tools here. I’m not going to use any of them. For this repair, all you’ll need is PVC primer and cement. Dry and clean the broken area on the pipe. Pop open the Snapper Coupling. Apply the Primer to the inside of the coupling. Apply Primer to the broken portion of the pipe, the length of the coupling.

Now gloop on a big globby gloop of PVC Cement on the pipe and on the inside of the coupling. Be generous. Now, snap the coupling over the pipe. Squeeze it tight and rotate it slightly back and forth ‘til it’s a bit tough to move. Hold it for twenty more seconds making sure the two halves of the coupler seat properly. The coupler should conform perfectly to the pipe. Inside the chambers are now melting and holding in all that glue making a water-tight seal.

I know I said no tools… but you can at this point attach two hose clamps, one on each end, to help the seal remain tight as it dries. If you do use the hose clamps, you’ll need to remove them after 24 hours.

A word on PVC Cement. Don’t use old cement. You just don’t. You’ll have to do this all over again and then you’ll get cranky and then you’ll say I didn’t tell you how to do it right. Just go buy a new can. Your blood pressure will be better and you’ll find this repair a more peaceful and enjoyable experience.

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