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How To Install A Sprinkler Head Using Blu-Lock

There is a better way! I’m going to show you why instead of this. You should do this. Alfred Castillo here, the Sprinkler Warehouse Pro. Let’s get started!

So many reasons to swap this out. So you’ve got a sprinkler head near the driveway and miss the driveway by just a bit. The weight of the car breaks the sprinkler head. Or the tee. Or worse the PVC pipe! Now you’ve got to dig all that out and replace it. Or you’ve just added mulch. Now the sprinkler head is way too low. Or you need to replace the sprinkler head, but you bought the wrong size and now it sticks out above the height of the soil. Now let’s check this Blu-Lock setup.

Blu-Lock Pipe Is Flexible

This pipe is more flexible. Less likely to break from the weight of something like a car on it. Not only that, this Elbow Swing Assembly offsets from the pipe. So weight applied to the top of the sprinkler head no longer puts downward pressure on the pipe. If there is a lot of pressure on the sprinkler head. It will swing down. Making a broken sprinkler head much less likely. Just added mulch? Or has the ground settled? Or over time grass clippings and adding topsoil to your yard raised the level of the ground. Such an easy fix. Just dig around the fixture and adjust it to the appropriate height.

Blu-Lock Fittings Some In Different Sizes

Oh no, you bought a sprinkler head that’s too big. Not too big now. Let’s talk about the fittings we’ve got here. I’ve got a Blu-Lock Street Elbow Swing Assembly. A half-inch Blu-Lock to MIPT elbow. A Blu-Lock three-quarter-inch tee with half-inch riser. Three-quarter-inch Blu-Lock Pipe. And a sprinkler head. So to begin. Why Blu-Lock Pipe? Well here’s 100 feet of PVC three-quarter-inch pipe. Here are 100 feet of Blu-lock pipe.

Blu-Lock Is Environmentally Friendly

And Blu-Lock pipe is made of recyclable HDPE pipe. It means it’s environmentally friendly! Now onto the fittings. The patented push-and-go system means no glue. And it installs so quickly. I’ve got my section of pipe here. Let’s install the sprinkler right here. Make a cut, and slip on the tee. Slide it on. Now the elbow. Now push in the Elbow swing assembly. And then I’ll screw on my Sprinkler head. Each of these fittings freely rotates 360 degrees.

Blu-Lock Fittings Are Reuseable

You can even uninstall these parts and reuse them elsewhere. To release the half-inch fittings push on these blue tabs and pull the part off. To release the three-quarter fitting you’ll need to use one of these Blu-Lock release tools in the appropriate size.

Blu-Lock Pipe And Fittings Are Available At Sprinkler Warehouse

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