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How do you attach poly tubing to PVC? 

You can attach poly tubing to PVC with compression adapters. This turns the PVC coupler into a compression fitting.

It’s actually quite easy and I’m going to show you how. It only takes a couple of minutes. Alfred Castillo here, The Sprinkler Warehouse Pro. Let’s get started.

Here are various PVC inserts.  They’re also called compression adapters. Compression adapters turn a normal PVC coupler into a compression fitting.

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Find Outside Diameter Of Your Poly Tubing

The trick to compression fittings is that you have to know the O.D. or outside diameter of your tubing. These work with a half-inch coupler. Point seven hundred. Point seven-ten. Point six seven zero. This one fits a three-quarter inch coupler and fits point ninety-four O.D. tubing. This orange one here connects quarter-inch microtubing to a half-inch coupler.

I’m going to use this one here to attach point seven hundred tubing to half-inch PVC pipe. First, primer the outside of the adapter, and outside of the pipe, and inside of both ends of the coupler.  You could do the connection to the pipe separately, but it goes together so quickly, so there’s no real need to.  Now let’s put cement on the fitting and the PVC pipe and the inside of both ends of the coupler. 

The Coupler Goes On The Pipe First

I’m going to put the coupler on the pipe first.  Add a little quarter turn for a good seal.  And then pop in the fitting. And now wiggle in the Poly Tubing.  If you’re having trouble getting the poly tubing to go in, you can soak it in warm soapy water for ten seconds to soften and lubricate the tubing. And that’s it.

These adapters are one-time use only.  If you need to remove them, you’ll have to cut the pipe and the poly tubing at the coupler.

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