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Repair Fittings Are A Fast & Easy Way To Repair PVC Pipe

Attaching a section of pipe with coupling is simple if you’re initially installing the pipe. Where it gets tricky is when you’re replacing a section out of the middle of an already laid pipe. Unless your pipe is really flexible, a standard coupling won’t do the trick. However, the Dawn Kwik Repair Coupling is made for this exact scenario. I’m Alfred Castillo The Sprinkler Warehouse Pro. Let’s get started!

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Dawn Kwik Repair Products Come In Couplings & Tees

The sliding coupler system is what makes this fitting work. There are no O-rings to go bad. Your pipe is permanently welded just like a normal PVC coupler.  Kwik Repair couplings come in various diameters. The amount of broken pipe you can repair using these fittings depends on the diameter of the fitting. For example, the three-quarter inch diameter coupling can repair a section of up to four inches in length. While the one-inch diameter Kwik Repair coupling can repair a pipe of up to four and three-quarters inches long. The sprinkler warehouse website will list the appropriate length of repair possible for each of these fittings.

Supplies Needed When Using Dawn Kwik Repair Fittings

For this repair, you will need—a marker or pencil, a pipe cutter, a Dawn Kwik Repair coupling, PVC primer, and cement. Slide back the coupler sleeves on your Kwik Repair coupling. This is the exact length of pipe you’ll need to remove. Hold the coupling next to the section that needs to be replaced. Make a mark at both ends. Now after we make the cut the inside portion of the fitting will butt up against the pipe where you’ve cut. Now cut out your mark section.

A Ratcheting Pipe Cutter Gets The Job Done Easier

I’m using a ratcheting pipe cutter. You’ll find that it does a better job with a lot less effort than a hacksaw. And it’s so fun to use I often look around for stuff to cut just so I’ll have a reason to use it. If you do use a hacksaw, you’ll need to clean the burrs off of your cut with a piece of sandpaper. Dry and clean off the outside of the pipe. Now test fit the fitting. Slide both couplers over the ends of the pipe.

King Innovation Ratcheting Poly/PVC Pipe Cutter 2 in.

Apply PVC Primer & Cement To The Pipe Ends

We’ll work on one side of this at a time. Apply your primer first, and then follow up with cement to the outside of the pipe. And then the outside of this little inner portion of the Kwik Repair coupling. Not on the sleeve though. Now slide the sleeve back over the joint. Give it a quarter turn to make it nice and secure. Now we’ll do it again on the other side.

By the way, if you can’t remember the last time you’ve used your PVC cement, then it’s probably time to get a new can. It’s well worth the money to avoid the hassle of having to do this repair again.

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