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As you can see here, I’ve got a bit of a problem because a tree root has broken this pipe. Now, I could cut the tree root. But, being the bit of a tree hugger that I am. I’d rather make my pipe conform to nature versus the other way around. Luckily here at Sprinkler Warehouse, we carry these Dura Flexible Repair Couplings. Now I’m going to leave that tree root be and still have a working sprinkler system. I’m Alfred Castillo the Sprinkler Warehouse Pro. Let’s get started!

Flexible PVC Can Go Over Or Around Roots

So, check this thing out. It’s perfect for the repair I’m gonna do today. It’s made from flexible PVC. You can use it easily to go over bumps, around tree roots, over or under other pipes, and around corners. It’s capable of some pretty unconventional angles. If it’s a little difficult at first just leave it out in the sun for a few moments. And that heat will start to make it more flexible for you.

Dura Flexible Coupling Is Only For Underground Irrigation Use

Now, this PVC Dura Flexible Repair Coupling is 18 inches long. So, you could use it to repair a fairly sizable break. But it’s not to be used, however, for hot water or drinking water. It’s strictly for underground irrigation use. This flexible repair coupling is also not suitable for constant pressure. This means you shouldn’t place it inline–upstream of the valve in your system. It is, however, capable of being installed in locations where the pipe is only pressurized when the sprinkler zone or section is running.

Supplies Needed To Install Dura Flexible PVC Couplings

So, for this repair, we’re gonna need: a flexible repair coupling, a PVC pipe cutter, or hacksaw, some PVC primer, and PVC cement. Using this repair fitting as a guide, I’m going to begin by cutting out the broken portion of the pipe. Now I clean off my cuts. I’ll apply primer to my coupler, and on both ends of my cut pipe. Now I add the cement. Slide the end on. Give it a quarter turn to smear that cement to ensure a watertight seal. Slide the other end on. Give that end a quarter turn, and guess what? We’re done with the repair.

Shop Sprinkler Warehouse For All Of Your PVC Coupling Needs

Now I’m going to fill in this hole, and I’m gonna take a nap. Remember Sprinkler Warehouse has everything you need to keep your irrigation systems up and running so that your trees lawn flowerbeds and gardens are lush and beautiful. If you have any questions about our products chat with one of our incredible customer service agents at They really know their stuff and they’ll get you squared away. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel to learn about irrigation installation and sprinkler system repairs. For Sprinkler Warehouse I’m Alfred Castillo. Your Sprinkler Warehouse Pro!