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Ditch The Glue When You Use Blu-Lock

I’ve got some of this Blu-lock Pipe here and I wanted to show you how to connect on these impressive Blu Lock fittings. Alfred Castillo here, The Sprinkler Warehouse Pro.  Let’s talk about Blu-lock.

Available In Couplers, Adapters, Caps, Elbows, Tees, And More

So the Blu-lock pipe is made to put in line after, not before, the valve in your irrigation system.  These Blu-lock fittings are available in couplers, adapters, caps, elbows, reducing elbows, tees, and reducing tees. They require no cement or primer.  The Patent pending Push-and-Go design makes installation quick and easy.  These fittings often reduce installation time by fifty percent or more.  Blu-Lock is also environmentally friendly.  The HDPE pipe is recyclable. And the fittings are UV Resistant and made to last.

Blu-Lock Saves You Time On Installing Fittings

Let’s throw one on this section of pipe here. I’m going to make a mark 1 inch in to make sure I’ve pushed the fitting all the way on. Now to pop it on. Boom. That was fast. Imagine the time you’ll save installing your system using Blu-Lock! 

And watch this.  The fittings rotate after installation. You can even remove the fitting and reuse it!  For the one-inch and three-quarter fitting you just need one of these release tools in the appropriate size for your fitting.

Pop it around the pipe.  Slide in the blade.  Twist and pull the fitting off.  Shazaam. Take a look inside.  These stainless steel teeth grab onto the pipe.  See that seal?  It provides a leak-proof connection.

Learn More About Blu-Lock Fittings With Sprinkler Warehouse Videos

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