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Blu-Lock Nitro Saddle.  Boy, that’s fun to say! Hydro Rain claims that this is the fastest irrigation saddle on earth, and I believe them. Alfred Castillo here, The Sprinkler Warehouse Pro. Let’s talk about the Blu-Lock Nitro Saddle.

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What Is A Saddle Fitting Used For In Irrigation?

If you’ve never used a saddle fitting before, you might be wondering what their purpose is. Basically, they provide the same function as a tee without having to cut the pipe.  They’re especially handy when having to work down in a hole or trench when there’s not a lot of wiggle room. 

Determine The Saddle Body Size For The Pipe You Are Tapping

This is the saddle body.  You’ll need to use the appropriate size saddle body for the pipe you’re tapping. I’m not sure if you can see it on the video, but the size is written right here on the fitting. Pop it over the pipe like this.  Now force it down until it clasps together on the other side. It should make a popping sound when you connect, and you can spin it around like this to make sure it is clasped correctly. If it didn’t automatically latch you can use a pair of pliers to snap it together.

Before you tap it you can move it to any position you want. This can come in handy if you’re still trying to decide on the layout of your system. Once you’ve got it positioned as you want then you can screw in the appropriate saddle tap.

Here’s one with a half-inch spiral barb, for connecting to poly tubing. This one has a female half-inch thread so you could put in a nipple riser. Here’s one with a Blu-Lock fitting on it. So let’s use that one. 

A Saddle Can Act Like A Tee Without Using Tools

Just screw in like so.  All the way until it snaps.  Bam.  You just added a tee with no tools and you didn’t break a sweat.

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