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How Do You Add Blu-Lock To Your Existing PVC? 

The easiest and most straightforward way to attach Blu-Lock Pipe to PVC Pipe would be to use an adapter.

I made a quick video to get you started. Alfred Castillo here, The Sprinkler Warehouse Pro. Let’s attach Blu-Lock Pipe to some PVC.

Use A Blu-Lock To PVC Adapter

There are a lot of fantastic reasons to use Blu-Lock, but I wouldn’t pull perfectly good PVC out of the ground and replace it with Blu-Lock Pipe. I would, however, attach the Blu-Lock pipe to pre-existing PVC pipe. As a reminder, BLU–Lock pipe is made to be put in line after, not before, the valve in your irrigation system. 

You can, however, use PVC-Lock fittings before the valve. The easiest and most straightforward way to attach Blu-Lock Pipe to PVC Pipe would be to use an adapter like one of these.  These are Slip on one side and Blu-Lock Fitting on the other.

Here we’ve got a one-inch to one-inch.  A three-quarter to three-quarter. This is a reducing one. that goes from one-inch to three-quarter inch. So, let’s install one right now.  We’ll need some PVC Primer and Cement.

Primer The Pipe, Then Primer The Fitting

I’m going to primer the pipe and then the fitting.  Apply primer on the slip side, obviously. Now I’ll add some cement on both the fitting and the PVC Pipe. Slide it in and do a quarter turn for a good seal. Now, this side is ready for Blu-Lock Pipe.  Just slide it in.  No primer or cement on this side.

Hydro-Rain Also Makes Threaded Adapters

Hydro Rain also makes threaded adapters like these.  We have both male and female threaded adapters.  So, you could use a Blu-lock male threaded adapter with a female PVC adapter or vice versa. Prime and cement the adapter and pipe. Push together. Now screw on the Blu-Lock adapter. And slide in the Blu-Lock. If you need to remove the Blu-Lock pipe in the future, you can do that easily with one of these Release tools like so.

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