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Hunter’s Most Popular Sprinkler Controller

One of Sprinkler Warehouse’s most popular line of controllers is Hunter’s Pro HC controllers created with the contractor in mind. In this video, Sprinkler Warehouse Pro Dwayne Smith discusses these rugged fixed station controllers, that are touch screen operated and powered by the Hydrawise web-based software.

One of our most popular line of controllers, the Pro HC, is rugged and created with the contractor in mind. These are fixed station controllers that are touch screen operated and powered by Hydrawise web-based software. I’m Dwayne Smith, your Sprinkler Warehouse Product Specialist. Let’s get started.

Fixed Station Controllers For Your Convenience

The Pro HC controllers are fixed station controllers. They come in 6, 12, and 24 station versions, and they also have a dedicated master valve terminal and two sensor inputs. You can see here the terminal strip is large and easily accessible giving you plenty of room to work. The Pro HCs come in both indoor and outdoor models, which both have a sturdy case. The outdoor models include a lock. 

Also, the outdoor model does not come with an electrical plug. It is ready to be hardwired into your electrical system by a professional or you can purchase and add a pigtail like this, which is so easy even I can do it.

Pro-HCs are touchscreen operated and run on Hydrawise software. What’s Hydrowise? It’s software that allows you to manage your irrigation system.  And it’s designed to give you complete control and save water. 

The controller is Wifi ready. You can use the Pro HC without Wi-Fi, however, by utilizing the WiFi abilities of the controller you can use your smartphone, tablet, or the web to manage your system from anywhere. That is anywhere you can get a signal.

If you are a contractor you can manage all of your client’s irrigation systems from your computer or smart device. One of the most powerful tools available to this controller is Hydrawise Predictive Watering.  This feature adjusts watering based on rain forecast, predicted temperature, wind, and humidity.  It does this by connecting to online weather stations. This feature creates significant water savings, thereby saving you money while keeping your landscape sufficiently watered.  

Optimize Control With Built-In Sensors

Pro-HCs have a built-in milliamp sensor that can detect wiring problems.  So you’ll know if there’s an issue long before your landscape starts to die. Another way to protect your landscape and your pocketbook are by adding a flow meter.  The Pro-HCs are compatible with the HC flow meter. Flow meters monitor your water usage and alert the system if there’s an issue such as a leak or a faulty valve. And if you have your wifi available you can have alerts sent to you by email or text message.

The Pro-HC series of controllers is going to set up your landscape or your irrigation business for success. 

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