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Types Of Sensors For Your Irrigation System

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Soil Vs. Moisture Sensors

Soil and moisture sensors monitor the actual amount of water in the topsoil. Whatโ€™s the difference between soil and a moisture sensor? Soil sensors operate similarly to rain sensors. Once an amount of moisture has been met or exceeded in the topsoil, the sensor automatically turns off the watering cycles until the soil has dried out to a point where the detectable level is less than its programmed threshold. Moisture sensors, on the other hand, work more like a rain tipping bucket on a weather station. Where the detected moisture levels are collected and used by a smart controller’s predictive scheduling algorithm to set and change your systems watering scheduled programs automatically.

Grow Efficiently With Flow Sensors

A flow sensor is another accessory that is used to measure the amount of water passing through your sprinkler system’s pipeline. Flow sensors are being used more and more in residential designs to combat and automate some common problems dealt with in the irrigation industry. A flow sensor monitors how much water is being used during the irrigation cycle and will send out an alert when an abnormal flow rate is detected. These alerts can be in the form of an email, text, or some other method. By alerting you to unusual water flow issues, you can save money and be a responsible water conservationist at the same time. All of these sensing accessories help your smart controller to make programming adjustments based on your local weather conditions.

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