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Extend The Capabilities Of Your Sprinkler System

Your controller could do so much more. Expand your irrigation controller’s capabilities by adding these items.

This image shows the Hunter I-Core 6 Station Expansion Module, available on This expansion module can be used to add up to 6 additional zones to your sprinkler system. There are many controllers that can be expanded to include up to 15 valves.

Extra Irrigation Controller Stations

Many lawn sprinkler system timers can be adapted to add extra stations, in case of expansion to your sprinkler system.

Irrigation Controller Remotes

Remote Control For Your Sprinkler System

You can add a remote control transmitter & receiver to most lawn sprinkler system controllers. The remote control comes in handy when working on the sprinkler system. Or you could operate your sprinkler timer from a remote location. It makes spring check-ups and maintenance much easier. You can turn zones on and off without walking back and forth to the timer.

The Rain Bird ESP-ME3 4 Station WiFi Ready Indoor/Outdoor Controller is a popular WiFi ready model.

WiFi Sprinkler System

If your sprinkler controller is WiFi ready, you can add a WiFi module and connect to a smartphone or tablet.

Irrigation Controller Weather Sensing Devices

Weather Sensors For Your Irrigation System

Adding a rain sensor or other weather device to a sprinkler system is a practical option for most home and property owners. Rain sensors and rain shut-off devices automatically adjust the system’s function when rain is detected. Some sprinkler timers feature seasonal adjustment options. Other weather devices include wind sensors, which shut down the system in case of high winds, or temperature-sensitive features to regulate the function of the lawn sprinkler system.

Irrigation Controller Mounting Pedestal

Controller Mounting Pedestal

Instead of mounting the sprinkler timer to the wall, the user has the option of mounting the controller on a stand-alone pedestal. Some irrigation pedestals include a separate wiring board.