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Adding An Irrigation Controller To Your System

Easy Connect, Easy Control

This article explains how to install an irrigation controller when there’s a pump. A pump start relay is an electrical device that allows your irrigation timer to communicate with the pump. This device is imperative when you are using a pump to supply water to your irrigation system. Pumps are built to use normal house currents; the relay changes the irrigation timer to normal household voltage. 

Sprinkler System Controllers

If you’re installing a controller with a pump it is imperative that your irrigation controller/timer has a pump start relay terminal. This enables you to coordinate the pump with your entire irrigation system. A pump start relay is a device that lets your timer communicate with your pump.

When choosing a location to mount the pump start location you must find an area that is 15 feet from the timer and pump, this avoids electrical interference that can cause malfunctions. The pump start relay easily connects to your timer in two locations, using normal irrigation valve wire. Connect it to the master valve and to the COM terminal on the timer. After connecting those two locations you then connect the pump to the pump start relay, using wire appropriate to your pump. Now you know how to install an irrigation controller when there’s a pump. For more information read “Sprinkler Timer Overview What Timers Are And How They Work”.