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Know Before You Go

This is a short article that discusses whether or not you should repair or replace an irrigation valve. I am going to tell you a trick on irrigation system repair.

Valves connect and help control the water flow to the sprinkler heads in each individual zone, a broken part can interrupt this flow and cause issues in your irrigation system.

With there being many different kinds of irrigation valves available, make sure to select the one that will give you the greatest return on your next project.

Quick Tips: Repair or Replace an Irrigation Valve

  • When you have a faulty solenoid, it is better to buy the valve and take the top off the new valve and replace the old valve top.
  • Plus a new valve is cheaper than if you buy the parts separately. This way you will end up with a new diaphragm, solenoid, and internal filters.
  • You will have a new valve since the bottom body piece is only a PVC base and does not go bad. The trick is you must use the exact model valve as the old valve.
  • If you can not find the same valve (if yours is so old that we do not have it online) then we suggest you replace the entire valve.

I hope this little irrigation article helps! Please visit Sprinkler Warehouse for your parts and replacements!